• In the course of our first online session together we will get to know each other so I can get a better idea about who you are and how I can offer you the most effective support.

  • If you are living in the UK I will introduce you to the Career and Learning Development platform KUDOS AD.  You will then have free access to the platform indefinitely.
  • If you live in Ireland, we will use the Carreersportal platform which offers an extensive resourse for Career Choice, development and research. This also provides free access indefinitely.

  • I will demonstrate to you how to use the KUDOS AD platform.​ (KUDOS AD is designed by Loughborough University UK) or the Careersportal platform as appropriate.  This will be done using the SKYPE 'screen sharing' facility.
  • I will guide you in a clear and simple manner how to undertake required assessments if we feel they will support you by increasing 'self-awareness' which is critical to making a successfull Career choice.

  • A full interpretation of the results of your assessments will be provided so that you can take your career exploration further.

  • I will work collaboratively with you on creating a clear Action Plan as well guiding you to you to make informed decisions and choices. 

  • We constantly review your progress until you feel you have found the right career pathway that meets your unique set of needs, career interests and aspirations.