Do I Really Need 
Life Coaching or Counselling?
Perspective is the key to facilitating change and unfortunately, it's something we can't easily offer to ourselves - it's difficult to see your way out of a rut, because you're stuck in it!

Counselling and or Coaching can be an empowering way to attain new understanding and to re-imagine what you can achieve with what you already have. It's an investment that has the potential to add enormous value to your life.
How Does it Work?
At the time of booking a Skype or VSee or Facetime consultation I will give you my Skype or Vsee username and ask for yours.​  Vsee uses email addresses. I conduct Skype/VSee sessions in a private room, maintaining the same standards of privacy and confidentiality as in face to face therapy.
If you'd prefer to get in touch via email, I can offer Counselling or Coaching via written correspondence.
What Are the Benefits?
Some people find that they are more willing to self-disclose online than face-to-face, also known as the 'online disinhibition effect'

You can access online Life Coaching or Counselling from anywhere with a good internet connection - from your home or workplace

No need to travel to appointments 

​Online Counselling and Coaching is more affordable

I am now providing face to face sessions for my clients also
Is It For Me?
Many of us are time poor and lead very busy lives so if you want the flexibility of Coaching or Counselling when and where you need it, then it's probably for you. 

Some people find they express themselves best in the form of writing (email). Some feel intimidated by the idea of meeting face to face.  Online counselling offers a valid alternative with proven results.

If you would like to talk to me about this I offer a free 30 minute initial assessment service.  We can check out if this is the right service for you.